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Metastorm BPM specialist developers aitipeople have become convedo

aitipeople is proud to officially announce their transition to convedo, a change not just in brand, but in organisation also.

Since 2009, aitipeople has provided technical skills, education services and solutions to a broad spectrum of clients both in the UK and beyond, and the move to convedo heralds in increase in both capability and the range of products and services we can offer.

Read more about this step to the next stage in our development in the press release here, or at

We look forward to working with you in the near future, and if there is any aspect of BPM or Business Transformation you’d like to discuss - from augmenting your current internal resource through to full solution provision - please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 718 0183 or by email at


A to Z - Process

A set of activities and transactions that an organization conducts on a regular basis in order to achieve its objectives. It can be simple (i.e. order fulfillment) or complex (i.e. new product development), short-running (i.e. employee on-boarding) or long-running (i.e. regulatory compliance), function-specific (i.e. proposal management) or industry-specific (i.e. energy procurement). It can exist within a single department (i.e.
billing), run throughout the entire enterprise (i.e. strategic sourcing), or extend across the
whole value chain (i.e. supply chain management).


A to Z - Persona-based BPM

Delivers BPM capabilities that are uniquely designed for each of the three specific personas that are critical to the success of the BPM initiative. These are the Builder – the developer of the system, the End User – individual using the application, and the Manager – the overseer of the system and the business.
Persona-based BPM leverages role-based research to deliver the tools, tasks and views to optimize the functionality of the BPM system for each persona. It dramatically improves the productivity of each user as they interact with the system based on their unique “viewPoint,” leveraging just the capabilities they need to do their job. As a result, individual productivity is dramatically improved and BPM projects experience faster time to business results.

Persona-based BPM is the first BPM system to focus on the ergonomics of the user experience. In other words, Persona-based BPM delivers an optimized user experience based on the study of how work is done and how to work better. Persona-based BPM delivers applications that are designed to optimize usability by providing a comfortable and efficient user experience.


Solution Reporting Add-in (Beta) for MBPM 9.2.1

Solution Reporting is an add-in for Metastorm BPM 9.2.1 which will assist you to automatically generate a STAR (STage Action Role) report about your solution. Due to the complexity of the version 9 XML structure this converts it into an easier XML stream to apply XSL transformation to.

The add-in is made available through a new Ribbon Bar called Solution Reporting, and the button is only available when you have a project (or library) open in the designer. You get a drop down with all of the xsl reports defined so you can select the specific report you want to execute.

You can download the new Add-in from the OpenText KC.

You can find the Release Notes here.



A to Z - Metastorm Integration Manager (MIM)

MIM is an advanced integration tool for managing and controlling system-based processes. MIM allows Metastorm BPM to manage the system integration-based tasks required by most processes on a separate SOA tier. Together Metastorm BPM and MIM provide rich support for both human- and system-centric activities. MIM provides SOA-based integration for a wide range of hosts, UNIX, and Windows platforms, providing access to databases, flat files, VSAM and other host file types, message queues, CICS, and other business data and business function services.

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