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FREE Webinar (1 hour): From Model to Execution in Metastorm BPM (Introduction)


This FREE, one-hour live webinar will introduce you to Metastorm BPM. The automation of everyday business, or workflow, has been delegated to developers for years, adding an extra layer of communication problems and costs between the end users who will be using the systems they develop and those who are developing the systems. But we know in reality workflow and business process is a business function and needs to be within the grasp of business users. Metastorm BPM Designer is a component of the Metastorm BPM Suite that allows business users to quickly and easily develop workflows to automate many of their business processes.

In this webinar we will explore the Metastorm BPM Designer interface, build, and test a business process that solves a common business problem—without writing any code! To accomplish this, one of our world-class Metastorm BPM instructors will give a demonstration on how this can be developed in 30 - 45 minutes.

Come and learn how to get started with Metastorm BPM in this informative, no-cost session!


Anyone who would like an introduction to Metastorm BPM processes and how they can be used to quickly automate many common business functions.  Business analysts, power users, and developers will gain important knowledge from this webinar.

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