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OpenText Process360

Build Process Applications Faster - No Matter How Complex

OpenText Process360's process modeling and execution capabilities support your organization throughout the entire deployment cycle, from initial process modeling and design through process execution and continuous improvement.

Create and manage processes in half the time

Leveraging two years of user design experience, OpenText Process360's platform, takes the complexity out of process modeling and management by automating typical tasks and providing smart, self-healing capabilities to your processes.

Design and deploy your business process without coding

Rather than writing code to connect business flows to underlying systems and data, you can auto-configure processes and services in one-click, eliminating wasted time and effort.

Reallocate resources and work to achieve your goals

Once you've built and deployed your processes adjustments always have to be made. Customer volumes increase or sales mix changes and you need to respond. OpenText Process360 allows you to dynamically adjust and rebalance workloads across your people and processes to ensure you achieve your business goals.

Change how you get work done

Whether you're looking better understand your current process or determine how to improve it, we're here to help. With OpenText Process360's Persona-based BPM, you'll get exactly what you need to deliver applications 50% faster, drive end user adoption and improve business productivity.

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