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Transform the way you get work done.

Improve Business Efficiency with Metastorm BPM

Metastorm Business Process Management (BPM) allows you to integrate, automate and provide visibility into end-to-end business processes across departments, systems, and organizations. Metastorm BPM allows you to leverage your existing systems and provide a more agile, intelligent business process layer that enables you to implement better processes without the constraints imposed by underlying systems and with deployments in months rather than the years it can take to change out legacy systems. Whether it’s customer on-boarding, case management, new product introduction, or regulatory compliance, Metastorm’s customers are empowered by our visual design environment to rapidly develop and deliver improvements that allow you to outperform business goals.

Metastorm’s Business Process Management (BPM) platform delivers the insight, power and agility you need to make your vision for business improvement a reality. To respond to increasing competitive pressures, regulatory changes, market conditions, and customer demands, companies today are looking for ways to not only increase their effectiveness and efficiency but to also become more capable of change than they are today. Gaining, and then maintaining, competitive advantage requires an ability to continue to adapt more quickly and increase operational efficiency — in step with the increasing pace of change. Achieve results quickly by providing a more agile, intelligent business process layer that integrates the underlying legacy systems, provides visibility across critical business processes, and gives you the ability to design processes that deliver competitive differentiation, without the constraints imposed by legacy systems.

With Metastorm, you can:

  • Design process in a strategic way to ensure that your operations are supporting your goals
  • Collaborate across your organization to more quickly perform tasks and capture corporate knowledge
  • Leverage the skills of your employees so that work is allocated to the best person to perform it not just the person available

Transform the way you get work done with Metastorm BPM.

With Metastorm BPM:

  • Rompetrol leveraged collaboration and automation capabilities to improve its sales order process and increase order approval speed and efficiency with a 50% average increase in the daily processing of orders
  • AmerisourceBergen has gained greater visibility and agility, having deployed almost 300 mission critical processes with consistent 100% ROI in an average of three months per process. Their contracts charge-back process, built on Metastorm and integrated with SAP, represents an annual cash flow of $10B.
  • Pfizer achieves compliance with government and industry regulations through automation for a 209% annual ROI
  • London Underground integrates and coordinates information across disparate systems to get end-to-end visibility into its incident reporting process—automatically and accurately handling more than 400 incidents per day
  • The United States Air Force saves $750,000 a year in staff time with its Metastorm BPM deployment for an annual ROI of more than 700%

Enhance collaboration, make better decisions, and transform the way you do business.

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