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OpenText BPM Mobile for Metastorm BPM

Business improvements without boundaries

Make customers, employees, suppliers, and partners part of your improved processes wherever they are, at anytime, with OpenText BPM Mobile. Keep work flowing through the enterprise even as you support a more mobile workforce. Turn your innovative ideas about improving customer interactions into practice by extending your Metastorm BPM deployment beyond the back office and out into the customer-facing processes that drive revenue at reduced costs.

With OpenText BPM Mobile for Metastorm BPM, you can:

  • Improve customer service and client value by delivering improvements to external-facing processes
  • Increase productivity by leveraging instant mobile access to users on-the-move – eliminating bottlenecks and insuring work is completed regardless of location
  • Easily design forms and define rules optimized for mobile devices
  • Quickly launch your mobile processes with out-of-the-box, multi-platform support for Android, Blackberry, iPad, and iPhone users

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